Children’s Books

  • The Fable of the Farmer and the Fish
  • Sassy the Salmon

The Fable of the Farmer and the Fish

Paperback Version   Kindle Version

All ages: K and above. Order on Amazon

A simplified explanation that even children will understand describing the fundamental issue behind the California water wars, the war between the protectors of the Delta in the North and the Corporate farmers in the South. The story shows why the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) and Governor Brown’s Delta Tunnels are not the needed solution and proposes a real, long-term solution. Set in the format of a children’s book.

This book is valuable for all ages but simple enough for Kindergarteners. It teaches the value of responsible sharing and the need to take care of our environment.

Proceeds go to Save the California Delta Alliance (STCDA).

To order the Paperback Version, Click Here.

To download the Kindle Version, Click Here.

Sassy the Salmon

“Sassy the Salmon” is the exciting adventure of a young salmon as she learns her purpose in life. Her story is valuable for all ages, but simple enough for younger children. It teaches about the circle of life, and why we must all be good stewards of our environment.

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