Software 2020

Software 2020 was a collaboration in 2012 between Jan McCleery and Freeman Michaels to develop the perfect tool to manage Practical Software projects, on the perfect architecture. Software 2020, the software, was developed using Software 2020 Beta Release, the tool. It went beyond meeting expectations.

Then work called and, as neither Jan nor Freeman had Sales and Marketing expertise, Software 2020 was shelved. Contact me if anyone is interested in this amazing tool, if you want to Open Source it, or have other ideas … and we’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse!

A Tool for Agile and More …

Software 2020 Release 2.0 is one tool which includes Agile Story Management features, an intuitive and robust task and bug tracker and spec automation. From small teams to distributed enterprises, from the development organization to the Call Center, Software 2020 is the only tool you’ll need.


Software 2020 was developed for 21st century companies.

Software 2020 is a tool for the entire product lifecycle – from Agile stories to final specifications. Software 2020 provides secure client access for Call Tracking and client projects.

Don’t keep using separate tools for your Bug Tracking, Agile Stories, Design Specs and Call Center. Replace those with the one tool that does it all. Software 2020.

See the Software 2020 Quick Start Guide to see how easy it is to use Software 2020.

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