Practical Requirements Management

There is a set of software practices that are non-negotiable, and they begin with two that are requirements-related:

  • #1 Written, reviewed, approved requirements
  • #2 A requirements baseline, implemented with a requirements management (RM) tool

This is true regardless of size of company – start-up, mid-size, large enterprise application company.

We asked some key managers from a company used to good requirements management if they thought that requirements management was important. Their comments:

  • [Development Manager]: The DOORS specs are absolutely fabulous for requirements tracking. It is a must for any software company…
  • [Architect/Geek]: I think it’s critical to have documented what the software is to do so the developer knows what to do and the QA team knows what to test. [Having] accountability is huge.
  • [Technical Support Manager]: Without documented specs, only the developers can support the software – that’s not efficient.

Read more in Anita’s blog Practical Requirements Management

And read “Smooth Sailing” – Why software requirements management and real specs are a “must”.

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