Just Released – Juno’s Revenge


When Air Force Two disappears off the radar on the way to Ukraine with the Vice President and CIA Director John Monroe, Jessie’s uncle, aboard, Jessie fears she has lost the man who raised her. Then Truman’s sailboat goes missing in the Caribbean with Jessie’s twin brother, President James Monroe aboard.

Jessie, an astute and highly trained CIA Spy, realizes that the two events combined weave the threads of a nefarious Russian plot, a plot in which the corrupt and power-hungry ex-President White may be a co-conspirator this time instead of a mere pawn.

Jessie loves her handsome boyfriend, but ignores his urging for her to take a desk job and instead goes undercover again as Juno Wolfe, risking her life on her most vital mission to-date, a perilous mission she is uniquely qualified to take on.

Can Jessie save the President and America again? And find her true love in the process?

Feedback from Beta Readers:

  • Oh Jan, I didn’t want it to end, but really pleased with the ending. Please write more of Juno/Jessie escapades, I am not ready to let her go 😦 – you are an amazing writer, and the world needs to hear more from you 🙂  A.T.
  • Absolute perfect suspense.. best i’ve read in this genre in a while S.M.
  • I really enjoyed this book! You have a new follower! I’m going to get your first 3 books from Amazon so I can get caught up with the series. Please keep me in mind for any future books you write, as I’d love to work with you again. L.L.
  • It’s a fun ride. S.R.
  • Your Jessie Monroe series would make for a good movie or mini-series. G.W.
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