THE DRAFT – a Dystopian Short Story

I have just finished a short story called “The Draft” and having it reviewed. It is a dystopian sci-fi short story about the future in America after the demise of Roe v Wade. If anyone would like to read/review it and give feedback, let me know!

Introduction: January 12, 2067. Tomorrow Tim will learn his fate. His unlucky draws in The Draft the last four years cost him his job, fancy apartment, basically his life…and he’s raising four children. Tim blames his dad, Mitch. a congressman in the early 2020’s, when laws banned abortions and contraception. Women’s bodies were controlled by the government until an invention, an external womb, freed women. Unshackled, women rose in power. Now men in America learn what it means to lose control of their lives due to an unwanted baby. Tomorrow is the day. Can Tim bear to loose The Draft again?

Backstory: Starting with Roe v Wade being overturned followed by state laws restricting abortions, the 2022 elections loomed large. The short story, “The Draft,” was written just prior to the midterms, fearing the worst outcome for women in America.

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