Just Published – “Finding Jessie Monroe”

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Time is running out for Jada as she pulls at the threads of a conspiracy that points to a shadowy Russian-backed plot, sucking in the Black Lives Matter leaders, and creating the ingredients for civil war. Jessie Monroe is back under cover once again, this time as Jada Foxx, a newspaper reporter whose prying questions pass for mere reporting.

Jessie’s twin brother James is running for President to defeat President White, the corrupt president that has been causing unmeasurable damage to America, damage that his followers turn a blind eye to. James has lived his life as a spy, but hopes he can now offer his heart and a stable life to the woman of his dreams.

Jessie’s invented personas have always covered up her own self-doubts, and now she risks unraveling the secrets that Jessie has kept locked away, but she may find what she had been missing while living her secret lives. In the cold dark waters of the Potomac river lies Jessie’s first clue, a story unto itself, and the start of a harrowing quest.

Can Jessie find redemption, recover the parts of herself lost to time and tragedy, and save America too?

“Finding Jessie Monroe” is the third in the spy novel series, “The Secret Lives of Jessie Monroe.” Thanks to everyone who helped edit, proof, give feedback, and provide encouragement on this book. Their feedback was invaluable and helped me learn to write more cleanly and descriptively. I feel it is a breakthrough novel for me, bringing together what I’ve been learning writing various books since retirement.

Some early feedback included:

  • Part spy novel, part political thriller and part romance novel. Most of all, it is a statement!
  • It is a page turner (& emotional rollercoaster with Jessie).
  • The writing is crisp and very descriptive – easy to visualize how each character looks, dresses, etc. Places, too.
  • Riveting.
  • Your Jessie Monroe series would make for a good movie or mini-series.
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