I am sure we are all horrified about the events in Ukraine.

I was reviewing my last spy novel from “Who Is Juno Wolfe?” from the “The Secret Lives of Jessie Monroe” series, written in 2017. I had felt somewhat prescient when I wrote in 2017 of President White (who was modeled after Trump) being so friendly with the Russian president that he overlooked Russian network attacks. In real life, Russian network attacks did happen after I wrote the book.

But this is an excerpt from the book during Juno’s speech to America:

“Our government’s satellite tracking stations cannot see our own satellite data. But I can see it. I am in a secret bunker from where I can access our satellite data. And here is what I can see.”

As she spoke, the images started to be displayed on the TV screens, images from satellites high over Eastern Europe and a superimposed outline of the old USSR. 

Then the screen zoomed in to show one country after another, a clear line of tanks entering was visible. Smoke from bombs and fighting could be made out.

“The Soviets are marching into countries once part of the USSR, countries that rejected communist rule and voted for their own democratic governments. Yet now the Soviets are forcibly retaking those countries. Do the scenes you see look like those countries are happily agreeing to rejoin the New Soviet Union as you have been told? Smoke, bombs, and fighting do not look like a peaceful acquisition to me. Yet all of the news reports Americans have seen do not match the reality I am now showing you.” 

“Why do you not know this? Because you have allowed your government to filter what news you see.”

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