It Starts with an Idea – the story of a Silicon Valley start-up

If you haven’t read it, my first book was “It Starts with an Idea,” the true story of the software start-up I co-founded with two other great partners, Steve and John. Leveraging managers with tried and true experience together with very talented practical software architects and dedicated engineers, the Azerity product demonstrated that software can be done right. Such a great team and what an amazing adventure that was.

The ups, the downs, and what we all learned about how to develop amazing software and a product customers loved are all in the book. (I write more about the company with team photos in A Success Story.) There are many lessons learned contained in the book, from years in the software industry.

“It Starts with an Idea.”

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The book originally sold in the US and UK and got great reviews (thank you!!!). It remains a useful guide today with good, practical information for software developers and managers as well as a fun read for software professionals and non professionals.

If you liked it, I’d love for you to let other people know about it.

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—————– THANKS FOR THE REVIEWS ! ———————
5.0 out of 5 stars – An Interesting peek inside the world of a software start-up.
July 5, 2016
Not having any background with computer coding and software development did not hamper my enthusiasm for getting a peek inside a California start-up company. As a manager, I most enjoyed reading about the financial challenges of starting a company, working with technical staff and considerations around out-sourcing, especially with India.
I applaud the vision, dedication and sacrifice of the entrepreneurs in this real life story. I have known Jan for over 50 years and admire her tenacity. If you haven’t read her book “Class of ‘67”, you missed reading about how hard she worked to excel in the academic world and how she moved from a background in math and physics to the software world.
The story didn’t attempt to hide the warts that come with any commercial endeavor and was honest about both the successes and failures. Thank you for an interesting read.

5.0 out of 5 stars
December 16, 2015
I acquired this book for a friend, an IT engineer, and decided to read it before I gave it to him. As a professional artist and computer neophyte, I’ve always been fascinated by this technology but struggled to understand it.
Not so now! As the author takes us through the development of a complex software package, she focuses, not on technical data, but the importance of building a team that shares in the process at every level. I laughed at the stories of office space crises, the hassles of moving to larger buildings as the enterprise grew, company parties and office pranks.
But the technical stuff was written in such a clear manner that even I could understand it. When I open an interactive web sight now, I know what’s going on with all those pip ups, drop downs and such. I can now interact with that nasty machine from a much more informed place!
This book should be required reading or even a textbook for advanced computer science courses. The technical sections offer some rare insights that every software developer could put in her/his toolbox!

5.0 out of 5 stars – This is by far the best approach I have seen
April 26, 2016
Any curriculum on software development should include this book as required reading. I started programming in 1965, and this is by far the best approach I have seen. Jan presents one of the most thorough, practical approaches to developing software that is based on the requirements, testing to those requirements, providing a set of documentation, all the while tracking everything through the life cycle from start to finish. Well done!!!

Full disclosure, I have known and respected Jan for many years.

All you software geeks out there – share this.

5.0 out of 5 stars
March 8, 2016
A great book on the travails of software development.

5.0 out of 5 stars – Great Book!!
September 13, 2015
I loved this book! I’m generally not a big reader but I read this cover to cover in 2 days. Not only was it fun to read but it also has great information that should be quite valuable to readers! Very well written!

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