Backstory – “Who is Juno Wolfe?”

In the second book in my spy novel series, “The Secret Lives of Jessie Monroe,” the title, “Who Is Juno Wolfe?”, is a take-off from “Who Is John Galt?”, the opening line of the dystopian Ayn Rand novel from the ’50s, Atlas Shrugged. In Atlas Shrugged, the United States encounters constant business failures and severely decreased productivity. The government has gradually extended its control over businesses by passing ever more stringent regulations that increasingly favor established and stagnant corporations, especially those that have good connections in Washington. The experienced, morale business leaders throughout the country have been leaving their positions, frustrated by the government changes. The frantic heroine is left to try to keep America from failing.

“Who is Juno Wolfe?” was written in 2017, shortly after President Trump was elected in real life. His election raised concerns about his friendliness with Russia, his mistrust of the free press and advancement of alternate news, and his administrative appointments of big donors and corporate friends. From the beginning of his Presidency, there was a concern about how President Trump would deal with the Russians and how his appointments could degrade the work of key agencies, including the intelligence agencies.

In “Who is Juno Wolfe?”, President Randolph White has extended his control over government agencies and services by assigning his relatives and cronies to the highest-level positions, including high-level positions at the Central Intelligence Agency. The new managers are inept, without the experience and morals of the leaders they have replaced.

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Our heroine, Jessie Monroe, is back working at her regular assignment at the Central Intelligence Agency. In her satellite data review, she notices strange network attacks apparently being sent against the United States systems from some foreign entity. As she works to identify the source, she encounters ineptitude and sloth has infiltrated the Agency … from the failing computer center and the laziness of employees to the general lack of leadership. When she tries to raise the alarm about the network attacks from a foreign adversary, her concerns go unheeded, falling on deaf hears. It is clear that the Agency has fallen into disarray. Jessie solicits support from the Colonel, one of the few moral leaders who is still at the Agency, although even he has been significantly sidelined in his responsibilities.

Jessie must go undercover again as Juno Wolfe, but this time, without Agency sanction. The Colonel and Jessie commander the backup test computer systems from the White Sands satellite tracking facility, then head to a secret government facility hidden in a cave in Navajo country, called the Omega Site. Only a few people in the CIA have knowledge of the Site, which was set up years ago to be available as an emergency government communications center. The leadership of the Navajo Nation have agreed to patrol the site and keep unwanted visitors from finding it.

The Colonel has to return to the Agency to avoid suspicion and Juno is on her own. She solicits two genius engineers to join her, Truman and Rebecca, who she had worked with previously, and they re-establish the communications center’s satellite tracking capabilities. While she works to track down the foreign network attack, one of the local Navaho leaders asked her to meet with the old Navajo chief and spiritual leader. Juno, Rebecca, and Truman are introduced to Native American beliefs and learn to trust their instincts.

During her research, Juno finds even more than she bargained for. It is up to Juno Wolfe and her small loyal team, aided by an unlikely band of Freedom Fighters, to bring sanity back to the world.

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